About Razoo, a crowdfunding platform:

Razoo, a crowdfunding platform, began in 2006. Crowdfunding is the practice of funding a project or venture by raising small amounts of money from a large number of people, typically via the Internet. Crowdfunding began as a way to raise capital to fund for-profit ventures, but nonprofit organizations and the crowdfunding websites themselves realized this fundraising mechanism can extend beyond the for-profit entrepreneur.

Razoo has created a seamless system. Each licensed nonprofit is already “on” Razoo. All the nonprofit must do is search for their organization, claim it, and begin fundraising. Razoo is free for nonprofits to start and there is no monthly fee. The website allows nonprofit users to manage page admins, donors, and organizers, as well as to generate reports on their fundraising efforts. Nonprofits have access to all the features listed below as well. They can also link a bank account to their page for direct deposit.

How Razoo Works:

Razoo, a crowdfunding platform, is available for nonprofit fundraising, personal fundraising, and team fundraising. Razoo markets itself to reach every type of fundraising goal and purpose. Razoo does not limit users to fixed campaigns or monetary goals. Instead, the website allows users the options of fundraising year-round or creating specific giving events. Razoo further differentiates itself from the mass of crowdfunding websites by NOT requiring any minimums or maximums on fundraising amounts. Razoo allows every user to keep all funds raised, regardless of whether their goal was met or not.

Setting up a Razoo account is fairly straightforward: 1.) choose to fundraise for yourself or others; 2.) set a fundraising goal; 3.) choose to allocate funds to either a personal cause or a certified nonprofit; 4.) select the nonprofit if that is the recipient; 5.) create the fundraising page; 6.) share the page and start fundraising. That’s it – it couldn’t be simpler.

You hopefully noticed that Step Five is where users set up their page. All users get their very own webpage where potential donors can visit to learn more about the cause, connect via social media, and make donations. Razoo allows users to customize the layout as well as the type and amount of information. Users are in complete control of their page.

To date, Razoo users have raised over $500 million.

Special Features:

Razoo offers all users exciting and helpful features to ensure successful fundraising:

  • Customer Support Representatives;

  • Crowdfunding Support Specialists that help with fundraising efforts;

  • Guides on how to fundraise;

  • A blog covering fundraising topics;

  • Fundraising pages that are optimized for PC and mobile viewing;

  • Options for donors to make single or recurring donations; and

  • Free Razoo branding to upgrade promotional and press items


Razoo collects a percentage of donations in lieu of start-up and monthly fees. It collects 4% of charitable donations per user. In addition, Razoo deducts 2.9% plus $0.30 from each credit card transaction, whether it be for a personal or charitable donation, for credit card processing.

Nonprofits have the option of paying for additional features not listed in this article. Razoo offers a Plus Plan for $99 per month, a Pro Plan for $249 per month and an Enterprise Plan. The monthly fee for the Enterprise Plan is determined on a case-by-case basis. These plans offer, among many other things, donor analytics, CRM tools, donation receipts, custom donor surveys, and custom events.

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